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class oioioi.zeus.problem_sources.ZeusProblemSource(zeus_instances=None)[source]

Bases: oioioi.problems.problem_sources.UploadedPackageSource

key = zeus[source]
choose_backend(path, original_filename=None)[source]

Returns the dotted name of a ProblemPackageBackend suitable for processing a given package.

This function is called when an unpacking environment is created, i.e. from create_env().

create_env(user, contest, path, package, form, round_id=None, visibility=Problem.VISIBILITY_FRIENDS, existing_problem=None, original_filename=None)[source]

Creates an environment which will be later passed to unpackmgr_job().

make_form(request, contest, existing_problem=None)[source]

Creates a form, which can be later filled in by the user with information necessary for obtaining the problem package.

If the request method is POST, then the form should be filled with its data.