Source code for oioioi.base.utils.user

import re
from unicodedata import category

from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError

from oioioi.base.utils.validators import UnicodeValidator

[docs]USERNAME_REGEX = r'^[a-zA-Z0-9_]+$'
""" All characters constituting users name and surname must belong to one of the categories specified in `UNICODE_CATEGORY_LIST`. For a guide of unicode categories see: """
[docs]UNICODE_CATEGORY_LIST = [ 'Ll', 'Lm', 'Lo', 'Lt', 'Lu', 'Nd', 'Pf', 'Pd', 'Pi', 'Pe', 'Pc', 'Sc', ]
[docs]def check_unicode_text(text, allow_spaces=False): try: UnicodeValidator( unicode_categories=UNICODE_CATEGORY_LIST, allow_spaces=allow_spaces )(text) return True except ValidationError: return False
[docs]def has_valid_username(user): return ( user is None or user.is_anonymous or re.match(USERNAME_REGEX, user.username) is not None )
[docs]def has_valid_name(user): return ( user is None or user.is_anonymous or ( check_unicode_text(user.first_name, allow_spaces=True) and check_unicode_text(user.last_name, allow_spaces=True) ) )