Source code for oioioi.clock.views

import re
import time
from datetime import datetime  # pylint: disable=E0611

import pytz
from django.contrib import messages
from django.http import Http404
from django.utils import timezone
from django.utils.translation import gettext_lazy as _

from oioioi.base.utils import request_cached
from oioioi.base.utils.redirect import safe_redirect
from oioioi.contests.models import Round
from oioioi.status.registry import status_registry
from import is_real_superuser

[docs]def get_round_times(request): contest = getattr(request, 'contest', None) return [(contest.controller.get_round_times(request, round), round) for round in Round.objects.filter(contest=contest)]
[docs]def get_times_status(request, response): """Extends the response dictionary with rounds times. Extends the dictionary with keys: ``time``: the number of seconds elapsed since the epoch ``round_start_date``: the number of seconds between the epoch and the start of the current round if any exists; otherwise 0 ``round_end_date`` the number of seconds between the epoch and the end of the current round if any exists; otherwise 0 ``is_admin_time_set``: ``True`` if admin changes the time """ timestamp = getattr(request, 'timestamp', None) contest = getattr(request, 'contest', None) response.update( dict( time=0, round_start_date=0, round_end_date=0, is_time_admin=False, is_admin_time_set=False, ) ) if getattr(request, 'real_user', None) and is_real_superuser(request): response['is_time_admin'] = True response['sync_time'] = min(10000, response.get('sync_time', 10000)) next_rounds_times = None current_rounds_times = None if timestamp and contest: rtimes = get_round_times(request) next_rounds_times = [ (rt, round) for (rt, round) in rtimes if rt.is_future(timestamp) ] next_rounds_times.sort(key=lambda rt_round: rt_round[0].get_start()) current_rounds_times = [ (rt, round) for (rt, round) in rtimes if rt.is_active(timestamp) and rt.get_end() ] current_rounds_times.sort(key=lambda rt_round1: rt_round1[0].get_end()) if current_rounds_times: response['round_start_date'] = time.mktime( (timezone.localtime(current_rounds_times[0][0].get_start())).timetuple() ) response['round_end_date'] = time.mktime( (timezone.localtime(current_rounds_times[0][0].get_end())).timetuple() ) response['round_name'] = current_rounds_times[0][1].name elif next_rounds_times: response['round_start_date'] = time.mktime( (timezone.localtime(next_rounds_times[0][0].get_start())).timetuple() ) response['round_name'] = next_rounds_times[0][1].name if 'admin_time' in request.session: response['is_admin_time_set'] = True clock_time = timestamp else: clock_time = response['time'] = time.mktime(timezone.localtime(clock_time).timetuple()) return response
[docs]def admin_time(request, next_page=None): if request.method == 'POST': if 'next' in request.POST: next_page = request.POST['next'] if 'reset-button' in request.POST: if 'admin_time' in request.session: del request.session['admin_time'] return safe_redirect(request, next_page) elif is_real_superuser(request): current_admin_time = re.findall(r'\d+', request.POST['admin-time']) current_admin_time = list(map(int, current_admin_time)) try: current_admin_time = datetime(*current_admin_time) except (ValueError, TypeError, OverflowError): messages.error(request, _("Invalid date. Admin-time was not set.")) return safe_redirect(request, next_page) if current_admin_time.year >= 1900: local_tz = timezone.localtime().tzinfo request.session['admin_time'] = ( current_admin_time.replace(tzinfo=local_tz) .astimezone(pytz.utc) .isoformat() ) else: messages.error( request, _("Date has to be after 1900. Admin-time was not set.") ) return safe_redirect(request, next_page) raise Http404